Shifting Gears Towards a Brighter Future

Meet Safari

After losing his leg during war in the Congo, Safari found it hard to be out in society. When he found Ubumwe Community Center, he said it changed his life. It was there where he found that he could sit with others in society. He became captain of UCC’s sit ball team and continues to compete throughout Rwanda. Realizing that he has much to contribute to society, he often gives thanks for those who have supported him along the way.

Safari was intrigued by Frederick’s message (that disability is not an inability and that we all have something to contribute). Through his own perseverance, this resonated with his story and he immediately wanted to help spread the word. He began training with Frederick and Innocent and quickly became a member of the team.

With only one leg (and no modern clipless pedals), he is truly amazing to watch as he bikes up and down the volcanic roads of the ‘Land of 1000 Hills.’ At times, Safari gets a little help from our bike tech, Zilly, and sometimes new friends along the way run beside him offering a little extra push. But, mostly it’s Safari’s sense of determination that pushes him on! No matter how long the ride, Safari constantly adorns a contagious smile!

IMG_2333_Safari by car



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