Shifting Gears Towards a Brighter Future

Meet Innocent

Innocent Twagirumukiza is native to ‘The Land of Thousand Hills’ (Rwanda) and owner of Green Hills Eco-Tours. He is very passionate about tourism, nature and cultural conservation and you can witness all of this on any of his tours. Truly one of a kind, Green Hills Eco-Tours offers each guest an opportunity to interact with the local people and experience the native lifestyle.

Innocent is also committed to making a difference. When he created Green Hills Eco-Tours, he wanted to create meaningful interactions between tourists and locals. His company uses local services as much as possible in order to support community-based economic development and to provide his guests with a true and unique African experience. He also donates money from each of their tours to local conservation efforts and local businesses in order to keep tourism from changing it’s history and culture.

A few years ago, while touring clients through Ubumwe Community Center, he met and quickly became friends with Frederick. They both had a similar mission to help others in their native communities and Innocent soon became I am Able’s number one supporter. Frederick and Innocent, along with UCC director Zachary Dusingizimana, continue to work on I am Able with hope of inspiring, supporting and encouraging others to help themselves and contribute to their society, the environment and our world.

Innocent’s love of his country, it’s people, the human race, nature and our environment is one that is very evident. Although you rarely find him with with spare time to himself, he admits that he loves what he does, meeting new people, and sharing his knowledge and his sense of wonder with others. Innocent has been a core member of the I am Able team and he continues help in all areas of it’s development.

IMG__1934_Lake Kivu_Innoc & Fred_high 5


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