Shifting Gears Towards a Brighter Future

Join our Team

By inspiring each other, supporting one another, sharing our skills and passion, and donating any resources, we can all work together as one … shifting gears towards a brighter future. Please help us spread awareness that we are all able and that we each have a part to play in this life.

Please feel free to share our story with others and continue to support and encourage one another. Always keep a sense of wonder and remember that we each have a purpose and talents to share.

We are grateful for all volunteers and professionals who would like to share their skills and talents with our team and members of the communities that we reach along the way. Contact us today to be a part of the team!

We are very grateful for any and all donations! Your kindness and generosity allows us to reach more and more people as we continue riding towards a brighter future for us all!

For all PayPal donations, please include ‘I am Able’ on the subject line and make sure to leave your name, address and contact information in the message area so that we can thank you and share with you how your kind donation is being used. 

PayPal: ndafrederick@gmail.com


Please stay in touch and follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

FacebookIamABLE         Twitter@IamAble1


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