Shifting Gears Towards a Brighter Future

I am Able

IMG_2586_Fred cover profile

Frederick Ndabaramiye, founder of the I am Able cycling team,
is shifting gears towards a brighter future!

I am Able is a handicap cycling team that originated in Gisenyi, Rwanda with a mission to help others embrace the message that disability is not an inability and that we are all able!

The team is an extension of the Ubumwe Community Center (UCC) which has been a place of hope, helping hundred’s of children and adults living with disabilities. Since 2005, UCC has offered basic education, training in computer skills and handicrafts, sign language instruction, an outreach program, and an integration program that places some disabled students back into mainstream Rwandan schools.

Now one of the co-founders of UCC, Frederick Ndabaramiye, is taking it even further, on two wheels, where UCC can not go. Trained in the UCC methods of self reliance and passionate about the joy of purpose, our cyclists are spreading trails of love, forgiveness and hope throughout the world. Along our rides, we share our own stories, encouragement, support and training with hopes to inspire sense of self worth and independence for all. By helping others help themselves, we hope to create a brighter future for all!

As our team leader often reminds us, “we are one.” … One individual with a purpose, one community that works together and supports one another, and one human race united by love, kindness and compassion. Through the capacity of the human will, we are all inspired!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Please look around, meet our founder Frederick and the rest our team and continue to check back in and follow the team as we pass on our stories, inspiration and support. 


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